Electronic design services HW and SW

Project consulting

Asic consulting

Own product development

Smartconnection Oy – reliable and innovative partner


Electronics design services


Feasibility studies


HW designing and simulations

PCB layout design

Embedded software design, C++

Testing and approvals, transfer to production, product support

Project consulting

Project management

Project plans

Project control and follow-up

Process development

Asic consulting

Feasibility sudies


Manufacturer analysis

Project management

Own product development

Cost effective distributed I/O control platform - SerioX

Thunder lighting protector

Intelligent fuse

Vibration and movement indication and analysis (personal movement follow-up and quidance)


load weighing systems and weighing automation


ASIC design, 13 moths in Silicon Valley

electronics production

vehicle harness systems, CAN, LIN, battery heating and supervision with BL

building automation control, MODB

wireless power transfer, minimal EMC dirtortions

user interfaces

project management, process development, patenting

low power portable devices

demanding high accuracy, low noise analog electronics measurement

solar panel systems


Electronics manufacturing, final assembly, testing and logistics

Pended metallic parts, final assembly, testing and logistics

Low temperature and preasure plastic protection for electronics - UL approved materials

Asko Juntunen

managing director, over 35 years industrial experience

international project management

25 approved patents, several international

reliability and good co-operation skills

In big projects co-operation pool to be gathered

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